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Healing Starts Here

Combining Modalities to Promote Your Animal's Well Being

Ride On Equine Bodywork is a therapeutically sustained treatment to bring relief and healing for your horse and dog.  Ride On offers a combination of therapies to help balance the mind, body, and spirit to promote the highest and best healing so that you and your horse can be at your best and "Ride On".  


My bodywork is unique in that I am trained and certified in several different healing modalities, including the Masterson Method, Tucker Biokinetic Technique; I am also a Reiki Master. I find that by combining all of these modalities, I am able to treat the mind, body, and spirit of each animal I work with. To learn more about each of these methods please click on the About tab.

Experiencing any of the following? 


*Lead change problems

*Is your horse Girthy

*Choppy or short strided

*Back issues or has difficulty bending in

  the body

*Intermittent or mystery lameness

*Head shy

*Holds head flat or crooked


*Emotional trauma

*Physical trauma due to accidents

*Training issues, unwillingness to work or

  move forward

Ride On Equine Bodywork can help

I Can:

  • Release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance.


  • Improve performance, flexibility and range of motion.


  • Provide intuitive and interactive bodywork.


  • Promote emotional and spiritual well being.


  • Provide energetic work that helps to realign and support the 'systems of the body', when the 'systems of the body' work together as a team they promote the highest and best healing.


  • Address pain and discomfort, pain and restrictions.


I go one step further than Massage and address the connective tissues of the body that effect mobility and functionality.



"Horses are such strong, yet fragile, animals.  It can be challenging to keep them at their best.  Lisa Snyder is a great asset for the horse owner trying to do so.  She is certified in both Masterson and Reiki, and is dedicated to helping horses.  She works on several horses that I train, and it is amazing to see the results of her work.  They feel better and move better after their "Lisa Day".  We here at her home ranch feel so lucky to have her."

Kathy Gerard - Trainer at Hidden Creeks Ranch, Bishop, CA

(see more testimonials by clicking the "Testimonials" tab)


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