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My name is Melanie Fields.  I have a red dun gelding that just turned 18 years old in March.  I got him when he was 6 months old and has been in the family one way or another since then. 

He had just been pretty much retired for a couple of years before he came back to me and was not in the best physical condition.  I started back slowly with him to build up his stamina and strength.  He had difficulty picking up a right lead, let alone holding it, and when I would bridle him he was a little tense in his head and neck not really wanting to lower it to accept the bit.

I talked to Lisa about him and so she asked about using him as one of her case studies.  Watching him with her from the very first interaction you could see that he was thoroughly enjoying the bodywork she was doing on him.  He was very animated in his response to her touch and energy.  He would yawn and stretch; blinking and sighing throughout the session. Lisa worked on him a couple more times and he is now able to hold the right lead.  He yawns each time he is bridled (sometimes numerous times) and his head and neck are totally relaxed.  He moves much more fluidly now and feels balanced. 


I truly believe that we would not be where we are today if it weren't for Lisa.


Melanie Fields


I am pleased to tell everyone about Lisa Snyder a Masterson Method Practioner and the impact her services have had on my performance horse Sundance Kid aka Sunny. I showed him in various western classes and did some reining on him. It was at a clinic in October 2013 that the injury to his stifle happened. It took a year to get him sound again. We decided we would not rein on him anymore even though the vet said we could. I have known Lisa for many years and in October 2016 she began performing the Masterson Method on him. She works on him monthly and it has really helped keep him happy and sound. We still give him injections in his stifle when needed. As Lisa is working on him he lets her know if his stifle is bothering him so we are able to take care of it before he becomes lame. Last year we were getting ready to show in our local fair horse show and she did his treatment and noticed he was not happy. I am pleased to say that our vet looked at him and gave him a much-needed injection. I am happy to tell you we had a very successful show and won the Western Amateur Champion Buckle for 2018. We have since retired from showing but I continue to ride him regularly and he has his time with Lisa on a monthly basis. After each of her treatments, he is relaxed and happy. We have had Sunny since he was born in 2004 and he is very special to us.  Thank you, Happy




I highly recommend Lisa for Reiki Therapy and Biokinetic Technique.  My dog Jax was having acute pain in his left knee that exasperated his hip dysplasia.   Faced with the possibility of surgery, I reached out to Lisa to give Jax a Reiki treatment.   After one session, Jax was able to put more pressure on his left leg and his mood improved dramatically.   When Jax would flare up, Lisa would treat him remotely…all resulting in noticeable improvement.  After a handful of treatments over these last few months, Jax now has no signs of discomfort from either his left leg or his hip dysplasia.   I’m confident that this is the result of Lisa’s expertise as well as the love and dedication she continues to give to Jax.  Sincerely, Peggy


After an injury, I was unable to ride and I left my horse in Lisa's care. When I came back to riding I experienced a major change in my horse's attitude and behavior. He had always been difficult for people to catch. He didn't want to be touched if someone walked by his pen. He was mistrustful of people and worried about being saddled and bridled. After having Lisa work with him he was a different horse. He now trusts people and enjoys being petted. He can be caught and handled and is very relaxed. He now has a great work ethic and is just a happier horse. I am so lucky to have had Lisa work with him. She has made my horse's life better and my riding him a real pleasure.   Signed, Cheryl




Lisa has an intuition combined with a natural talent for this type of therapy for animals like I have never seen. Horses respond to her gentle approach and she is able to pinpoint areas of pain and discomfort while releasing
tension in a non-invasive way.
Lisa has worked on my horse Max, who had problems in his poll and neck, which in turn showed positive results in his suppleness in riding. Later she was able to help him when he was cast in his stall with hind end stiffness. Even when my horse was not showing outward signs of problems keeping him supple and happy is part of my responsibility as his partner.
Lisa fully understands the anatomy of the horse and takes into account the horse as a whole, this work is a must, not only for the body of your horse but for the mind also. Allowing you and your horse to work and play to the best of their ability. As this technique will also relax your horse like you have never seen. Lisa is a master at what she does! Sincerely, Tracy


After a throat surgery due to foxtail ingestion, Luna was in a state of depression, lethargy and discomfort. I scheduled a remote session with Lisa in hopes of alleviating some of Luna's pain, and I immediately noticed a shift in the hours that followed. Luna regained her playful and silly energy and was quickly back to her normal self (eating, playing and drinking). Luna's throat inflammation took a few days to completely heal, but our session with Lisa transformed her energy in a tangible way and helped us both to heal from the traumatic experience. 


Thank you again!


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